Without Legal Value

Article 25

Silkscreen, 35 x 50 cm, 2017
Edition of 100

A silkscreen printed with 2 inks: the blue reproduces the complete Article 25 of the Argentine National Constitution while the light-blue offers an alternative version to the same clause. Article 25 says that the governments has the obligation to promote the European immigration.

Snake Sun

48 lenticular prints intervened with oil, variable measurements, 2017

Series of lenticular prints that combines two different types of images. One group combines photography of monuments dedicated to social struggles and political resistance that changes into monuments for peace. A second group interlaces appropriated documentary photos that shows the hand gesture of the fist and the the Victory sign.

Possible Impossible

Video-installation (Single channel video with painted wood wall), 8’, 2017
Direction: Gala Berger. Photography: Juan Chaneton. Assistant: Estani Sancho Cast: Wilfredo Juchani
Exhibited at “Without Legal Value” (Big Sur gallery)

Video documentation of a performance held at the Historical Museum Carlos Idaho Gesell, a museum dedicated to German immigration in Argentina and to the foundation of the town of Villa Gesell. In the video, we see a young member of the Bolivian immigrant community based in Gesell, Wilfredo, walking though the museum in the dark, using a flashlight to observe the different memorabilia. The video points out the tensions between local cultural memory and untold immigration stories as a way to oppose to amnesia and obliviousness, which is often imple- mented by local governmental policies. The work is an open question about how to challenge colonial imaginar- ies through the use of a museum’s collection in a self-reflexive way.

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