The Truth is the One that Burns

This project was commissioned by Frestas: Art Triennial, organized by SESC Sorocaba, Brazil. The Wikipedia page creates is a story-fiction of the Triennale that describes a genealogy of exhibitions, artists, artworks and contents that never happened. It was available online one month before the opening of its second edition, 2017.

The fictional themes of the Triennials include:
– “Sul? Sur? South?”, 2008. This edition was focused on questioning borders, latitudes and processes of exotiza- tion of the precariousness.
– “Against Capitalism, Dissidences and Barbarity”, 2011. This edition was a research about independent project, self-managed organizations and alternative economic spaces.
– “Feminism, Past, Present and Future”, 2014. This Triennial only included woman artist (cisgender and trans women) and developed a large public program with lectures, conversations, workshops,and legal advisory ser- vices in cases of violence and exclusion.

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