The Stone That Changed Things

Banknotes bought from coin collectors and wood, 30 x 50cm, 2012
Series of 6 assemblages

The constructions from The Stone that Changed Things, 2012-2014 series, made from wood and uncirculated banknotes from various countries, seem to be part of an old photo album. These currencies from Paraguay, Argen- tina, Uruguay, United States, Bolivia and Brazil may be more valuable to collectors than have any actual market value. The bills feature a careful selection of buildings, historical figures, national landscapes and dated heroic deeds. This kind of portrait of the national character of the people is as changeable as the stock market, the interests of the World Bank and the fall of the dictatorships that once plagued the continent. Now there is a Na- tional Institute of Argentine Historical Revisionism and in recent years, Argentine bills have become, even more because of their novelty, an ideological object: in the hundred peso bill, Julio Roca was replaced by Eva Perón and now, instead of Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, the fifty peso bill reclaims the Malvinas [otherwise known as the Falkland Islands] Islands for Argentina.


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