The Latin American University

Reenactment of Latin American historical performative art pieces

First presentation: Gallery Factory, Seoul, South Korea (September 2016). With the participation: Bora Hong, Kyounghee Lee, David Cardona, Kim Jiwon, Andeath and other guests.
Second presentation: Seoul National University (October 2016), In collaboration with Sunmin Park.

The Latin American University is a project that born during a research residency in South Korea. Its development was linked to the difficulties of creating connections between the Latin American art scene and the Korean context, and is also a response to the limitations of Latin American references in Korean art education. The Latin American University is program with a series of workshops about art history but also a collective activation of radical techniques, processes and reenactments of key performance works. Each workshop is based in the work of a specific Latin American artist in dialogue with local concerns and needs. At the end of the program every participant receive a replica of a university diploma.

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