Installation with abandoned music equipment, 520 x 110 x 220 cm, 2013
The installation was made with the abandoned electronic music lab of the Centro Latinoamericano de Altos Estudios Musicales – CLAEM, Instituto Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

There is a history of computing that seems built in its linearity and in the protagonism of the developed countries, the image and likeness of the canonical narrative of modernity. However, both constructions fade to find the edg- es of this imposed map, there, where ephemeral and sporadic meet, unthinkable technical appropriations occur. Far from garage recurring image in Silicon Valley, Berger intends to develop her exhibition in the same way that these other stories, based on the unexpected links between fiction, technology and political utopias. Thus, in a first instance, the devices that once formed the Di Tella Institute’s Electronic Music Lab now rebuild its relation- ship with the atomic project Huemul, the epic failure of the Austrian physicist Roland Richter during Peronism.

Extracted from the exhibition text by Agustin Diez Fisher

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