Marked Dates

Board game, print on canvas, carpet, dice, 110 x 67 cm, 2016 Players: 4. Estimated game time: 20-50 min, 2016. Unique piece

Imitating a traditional board game, Marked Dates aims to reconstruct the social history of feminism in Argentina. The artwork is composed by a checkered board that narrates the advancements or regression in feminist strug- gles. The story beings prior to the foundation of the Nation-State, with the Mapuche communities, and it ends in a fictional future where gender differences are obsolete and the abortion is legal and free. Over the course of the game, various historical events appear, from military dictatorships to the first actions of feminist activist organi- zations. The displacement of the token is related to the social effects of the described historical events, i.e., if the event contributes to the strengthen of radical forms of resistance you can move forward in the board, but if that event intensifies social exclusion you have to move backwards. The work hints how women bodies were treated as a docile and servile subjectivity, and how patriarchal structures have largely shaped public sphere in the his- tory of Argentina. This board game embraces the intersections of struggles and downfalls, between activism and anarchism, invoking a history of resistance to encourage a different way to understand the present and imagine the future.



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